Product Reviews



Since I travel and have a caretaker come in to feed and water my animals, knowing that I can remotely monitor my fence is great for my peace of mind.  It has notified me of a dead fence when I’ve been on the road so I could relay that information to Adam so he can check the fence. I have become addicted to the early morning text from the monitor.  It’s the first thing I check in the morning. Being able to “S” text the monitor to check voltage to make sure the voltage is not fluctuating too erratically is a bonus. The fact it can be moved from fence to fence regardless of the brand of energizer is priceless. ~ Paul Taylor




It "illuminates" the behavior of my fence; i.e. as conditions go from dry to wet and back to dry, and/or as specific sections are brought on line (or taken off line) it adds clarity to the question of whether I have a load source that needs fixing or do I have increased load that will take care of itself in a short time.  It lets me check the fence from the warmth and comfort of the house and while I'm away from home.~ Darrel Franson




“Peace of Mind”, I have used this unit for a few months now and have been very impressed with the overall ease and functionality of these units.  I had bison in a pasture next to a roadway this winter and received a text on a Sunday afternoon saying that my unit was below my set threshold.  After investigating this text, I found that a couple of moose had knocked down a portion of my fence.  After only 30 minutes from receiving this text the problem was fixed and the bison were none the wiser.  Typically I would not have rode this fence until sometime on Monday.  Worse case scenario would be that the bison find the knocked down fence and end up on the roadway.  Scary to imagine from there.  ~ Billy Salada